Smart Track App Launched by Government

Smart Track App Launched by Government for Monitoring Punjab’s Development Schemes’ Progress


To monitor the timely progress of the development schemes located in Punjab, a ‘Smart Track’ app, which is android based, was launched with the cooperation of the PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) for the CMIT (Chief Minister Inspection Team.)

The app’s objective is to improve the all-inclusive efficiency which is linked with the monitoring and execution of development schemes.

Dr. Pervaiz Ahmad, the CMIT’s chairman, and Azfar Manzoor, the PITB’s chairman launched the app.

This app will be assisting the CMIT in monitoring the real-time progress of development schemes.

Key officials within relevant government departments were provided with both user names/passwords to be able to gain access to the online portal, in order to update the progress of development projects.

This updated details will be available to the relevant field officers, stakeholders as well as core CMIT members in real-time on their cellular phones.

Dr. Pervaiz Khan, the CMIT’s chairman, highlighted the significance of the Smart Monitoring app, whilst he was explaining the importance of Information Technology to the attendees, both in their professional and personal lives.

Azfar Manzoor, the PITB’s chairman, in his address stated that via this app, all information will be geo-tagged, whilst available in real-time.

Tanvir Sahoo, a member of the CMIT provided an extensive system rundown to 32 key officials from different government institutions.

After the CMIT app was launched, the key officials of Dera Ghazi Khan’s different government institutions, received detailed training regarding the whole system as well as its operations.

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