Smartphones Is Dangerous While Driving

Use of Smartphones Is Dangerous While Driving, Regardless of Advancements


One of the first fact that an individual must consider when they start driving is to focus on the road only. Since almost everyone owns smartphones, so any sort of disturbance in the form of smart devices must be put away while driving. As we are so much attached to the latest updates on the phone that we will end up on the phone to see what we are missing. If we cannot use smartphones while driving then how can we take benefit from its features like navigation and music of our choice available on the phone? Now it is impossible for us to keep our phones away from us as these devices run most of our lives. So it is certain that we will use our phones while driving anyway despite the fact that we know it’s dangerous. Therefore, smartphone creators and automakers are actually trying to make it a lot safer than we ever expected. Below we will discuss how we can make our journey safe while using smartphones and driving at the same time.

Positive Things About Smart Devices In Cars

With the passage of time safety features in our cars are improving. Initially, the idea of owning a cell phone came into the mind just to call emergency services in case of an accident. But since then we came up so far that it has become more than just a source of contact. Tech giants like Apple and Google gave the facility to share your real-time location when in need of assistance. Now you can send your current location to your family and friends to let them know that you are actually there. The quality of headphones has also been improved with time to help us talk while driving and not holding the phone. Many automobile companies are providing new features like connecting your phone to the car media console and then control music and handle calls with the help of additional controls available on the steering wheel, which is quite helpful and safe. Larger media screens available in new generation cars indicate the incoming call and provide the facility to play music simultaneously. You just need to connect your phone with the car media console and can do anything without unlocking your phone.

Negative Things about Smart Devices in Cars

Despite all the safety measures, continuous distraction while driving is always causing dreadful accidents and resulting in severe injuries and casualties. As a matter of fact, there are several regulations in the main cities and highways against the use of cell phones while driving, but still, the situation is not in our control due to unnecessary usage of cell phones while driving and carelessness of citizens. Reading messages behind the wheel is the most common reason behind accidents. We have so many applications that are easier to navigate with specific motions so you do not need to be distracted while driving but still we need to be precautious all the time as it is the matter of life and death.

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