‘Smuggling, speculators pushing up sugar prices,’ sources

‘Smuggling, speculators pushing up sugar prices,’ sources


Karachi: As we all know that Pakistan is facing a severe flour and sugar crisis. People are really fed up with the increasing prices of the goods being sold in the country. The economy of the country is not going really well.

Smuggling, speculators pushing up sugar prices

Earlier, people were facing a lot of problems in the availability of the flour. However, according to the recent reports, Pakistan is under a severe sugar crisis as well.

Yesterday, PM Imran Khan has ordered a “grand operation” against flour hoarders. He has ordered strict action to be taken against those who are selling the flour at exorbitant rates.

Prime Minister’s Office has directed all the heads of the provincial government, chief commissioners and deputy commissioners to get alert and miss no chance to find the guilty ones.

PM for Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan

Special Assistant to PM for Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan has informed that “By taking timely steps, flour prices will fall.”

She also warned those who are the cause of the wheat crisis by selling wheat at the high prices. “Persons creating hurdles in flour and wheat supply will be dealt with iron fists.”

As for now, Sugar prices have been increasing rapidly in the country. It is being informed that the hundreds of tons of the sweetener are being smuggled out of the country creating a lot of difficulties for the people.

Karachi Retail Grocers Association

General Secretary, Karachi Retail Grocers Association, Farid Qureshi has stated that sugar prices have been raised by Rs6/kilogram. He said that the sudden rise in the sugar prices has “resulted in a retail price increase to Rs78-Rs80 in some markets”.

He added that “Mills also increased the price by Rs6/kg.” He also claimed that “there is no shortage of sugar in the local market and price increased as a result of sugar exports to Afghanistan, where demand is high”.

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