During 1963 SNGPL (Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited) was integrated, becoming a private Ltd. Company, whilst it was transformed to a public Ltd company during January 1964 under the previous Companies Act 1913, which is currently The Companies Act 2017. The company is also listed on the PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange).

The Sui-Multan System was taken over by the SNGPL company from the PIDC (Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation). The aforementioned system comprised of the following pipelines:

16-inch diameter   217 miles

10-inch diameter    80 miles

It also took over the Dhulian-Rawalpindi-Way system, from the Attock Oil Company Ltd., which comprised of the following pipelines:

6-inch diameter 82 miles

The company started off by selling approximately 47 MMCFD of gas in the regions of Rawalpindi & Multan to 67 customers.

SNGPL (Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited) is the most important and largest incorporated gas company in Northern Central Pakistan, serving over 6.5 million consumers.

The distribution of gas is done via an extensive network of pipelines within Azad Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & Punjab. It is certified against the following standards: ISO 14001:2015 as well as OHSAS 18001:2007.

PAK-EPA (Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency)

Its 11 sites are registered under the PAK-EPA (Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency) SMART2 Program. This company has more than 50 years’ experience in operating and maintaining the transmission & distribution of gas via high-pressure systems.

The company expanded its operations as EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Contractor. It is undertaking the planning, creating & construction of its own and other organizations’, pipelines.

The company’s transmission system expands from Sui within Baluchistan all the way to Peshawar within the KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province) consisting of more than 8,900 kilometers of Transmission Systems which includes both Main lines and Loop lines.

Company’s distribution system:

Its distribution operations cover 4,458 main towns together with regional offices. The company’s distribution system comprises of 122,325 kilometers of pipeline.

This major Pakistani gas company has more than 6.5 customers consisting of Commercial, General Industry, Domestic, Fertilizer Power and Cement Divisions.

During the period July 2011 to June 2012, it sold 597,056 MMCF gas to its customers, worth at RS. 216,652 million.

Online Information for consumers:


SNGPL renders the following online information/ services to its consumers:

  • Consumer Bill
  • National Policy: Gas Allocation and Management
  • New Connections Merit
  • Consumer Gas Prices
  • New Connection Procedure
  • Types of Bill
  • Payment Location
  • Tariff Definition
  • Consumer Services
  • Advance Payment Plan
  • Company Offices
  • For Shippers: Model MOU
  • Register via SMS alerts
  • Contract for Supplying of Gas
  • Registration of Complaints
  • History of Complaints
  • Bill Calculator
  • Bill Information

Commercial/Domestic/RLNG Consumers:

Commercial, Domestic as well as RLNG Customers will be able to view their bill, using just one step: Provide your Consumer Number, which is printed on your bill.

Consumer Services – SNGPL

SNGPL offer many consumer services for its customer and you know the ultimate clients are increasing day by day. However, I am going to tell some basic features and services we should keep in mind.

  1. We are given a special telephone number which is 1199 and here we can register our complaints. The thing is we should save it somewhere so that we can easily find that whenever we need it.
  2. Repayment schemes are also introduced by SNGPL to facilitate the customers.
  3. Without phone banking any organization cannot get the customer quality service, so here we can get the access for support as well.
  4. Consumers of SNGPL can deposit their amounts in SNGPL’s offices as well. No need to find a nearby bank and wait for your turns. You can visit the SNGPL office and deposit the dues easily.
  5. Rounding of SNGPL bill is also important as customers ‘point of view.
  6. Online tracking of SNGPL complaints would make sure that each person’s query is entertained properly.
  7. Drop box facility for SNGPL is another cool feature that is given to have positive impacts of the customer’s minds.
  8. Some customers can pay the amount in advance so, SNGPL discount offers will be there to entertain them. They can save the money if they pay in advance.
  9. Everyone is using internet banking so SNGPL gives the option to pay bills via interment payment modules.
  • There are always 42+ consumer service centers which are trying to enhance the sales and consumer behavior.

Tariff Definition of SNGPL:

Here we will be defining tariff definition for SNGPL bills, so that everyone can get the idea what kinds of bills we can have after a month and what would be the charges?

  • Domestic SNGPL BILLS
  • Commercial SNGPL Bills
  • Industrial SNGPL Bills
  • Ice Factories SNGPL bills
  • Cement SNGPL Bills
  • Fertilizers companies SNGPL bolls
  • Independent Power producers SNGPL bills
  • Standalone meters are a lot in our country because almost each residential home or flat is using gas which is proved by SNGPL department.
  • Similarly, mosques, churches, and hostels also have special rates
  • Some semi government offices may fall in special category for tariff

Application Forms of SNGPL for New Connection:

Application forms can be obtained easily for the following connections

  • Domestic connections application forms
  • Industrial connections applications forms
  • Commercial connections application forms
  • Bank guarantee specimens are also important to receive

10 SNGPL Offices:

You will find SNGPL offices in different cities of Pakistan some of the main cities are given here.

  1. SNGPL office in Lahore
  2. SNGPL office in Abbottabad
  3. SNGPL office in Islamabad
  4. SNGPL office in Sahiwal
  5. SNGPL office in Multan
  6. SNGPL office in RawalPindi
  7. SNGPL office in Gujrat
  8. SNGPL office in Sarghodha
  9. SNGPL office in Sialkot
  • SNGPL office in Mardan

SNGPL Bill Calculator:

Sngpl bill calculator will help you to know the estimated dues for the bill which you are expected to pay in the current month. Calculations will also vary or based on the exact meter type associated with cubic Meter.

Here you will need to mention the previous as well as current readings.  The value of GCV and pressure would also be mandatory to calculate the price. The reset button is placed in case you enter the wrong figures then you can reset anytime easily. So, in this way SNGP bill calculation becomes a bit easy.

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