Yeh Cheez

So, India You Are Loser Baby! We got Nothing To Say Except, “Yeh Cheez”


Despite the fact, you had world’s top batting order and one of the richest cricket team in the world. The media was doing heavy investment and BCCI could not expect such defeat from a team whom Pak cricket team pulled down.

Top batting line collapsed. Well done team New Zealand, you paid back to Indian’s team. Proud heads got the best rewards on 10th July 2019. Although Dhoni did his best in the end but it could not help the team.

Yup, M.S Dhoni once again showed his class and proved he has the ability to lead the team even after playing 350+ one day matches.

But Shoaib Akhtar believed, he could try for dive before run out but unfortunately, he did not do so. Thanks to MS, many of your brilliant innings proved meaningless for your team.

Virat! It was not Your Day Dear, Wanna Eat Biryani Now?

Jadeja pulled the match from the hands of New Zealand, he played a superb inning. The wicket taking ball could be played for six but he missed the bowler’s finger.

Virat Kohli’s’s decision was poor, and the margin of error should be given to empire who watches each ball at ground. But Virat’s seemed to play across the line and that was the main cause of his dismissal.

Watch the celebration of India’s Loss In Sirinagar Kashmir

Virat Kohli’s gave a statement that he did not eat “biryani” after joining the Indian crocket time. So, now should we ask him to taste half plat of biryani? The big game is over for India, its time to come back home.

Sachin Tendulkar also expressed a sign of worries over his team’s performance. He said, it was lucky and idea start for New Zealand. But the Indian team is not expected to give such poor performance.

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