Social Issues of Pakistan

Social Issues of Pakistan


In Pakistan, we have been coming across several problems each day. The country is facing tremendous issues and most of these issues are created due to bad governance, lack of planning, and negligence on part of both government and the nation.

Terrible Social Issues

As a result of this prolonged ill behavior and negligence, Pakistan developed some thought-provoking and terrible social issues. These social issues are drastically affecting the overall progress of the country.

Social Issues of Pakistan

We are aware of the fact that Pakistan is under political turmoil. With multiple dictatorships and short-sighted political policies made on behalf of these leaders, we are slowly losing our status.

The team LogicalBaat has curated the list of some of the very common and rampant Social issues of Pakistan. the list is as follows,

  • Population//lo
  • Education
  • Radicalism
  • Nutrition
  • Poverty
  • Social Evils
  • Health Sector
  • Energy Crisis
  • Water Crisis
  • Human Resource
  • Weak Democracy
  • Lack of Competitiveness

So, let’s discuss these issues in detail!

Population in Pakistan

A continuous population boom is one of the major social issues faced by Pakistan ever since its inception. The population of Pakistan is ranging from 200-240 million. While we do not have enough resources to cater to the needs of these millions of people.

Meanwhile, the infrastructure of the country is also unable to cope with this terrible increase in population, load, and stress.

Education in Pakistan

Our public or private educational set up is surely unable to produce individuals and minds that can compete globally. At the primary, secondary, and higher secondary level, the standard of education is not as good and impressive as it should have been.

The Pakistani nation is unable to keep pace with the rest of the nations of the world only on account of its lack of interest or lack of resources. People have been thinking that the purpose of acquiring an education is not to get a good job. Though it has a lot more to offer. The concept of education has gained universal importance and it is more to offer than merely getting a good job.

While visiting the rural areas of Pakistan, we will come across several social evils that can only be eradicated with education. These social evils are,

  • Honor killing
  • Child Abuse
  • Lack of civic understanding
  • Absence of law and order
  • Panchayat System
  • Female Molestation

Radicalism in Pakistan

Ever since its beginning, Pakistan is struggling for its national perspective. We have been creating a new version of radicalism which means creating new enemies that are not good for the sovereignty of the country.

The problem can only be solved with a well-balanced and planned government. Only good governance can uproot this evil and all the wrongdoings that happened in the past. We are in dire need of strong leadership that can take a staunch stance against radicalism.

Nutrition in Pakistan

The nutrition condition in Pakistan is getting worst day after day. There is a huge wastage of nutritious items in the country. Moreover, the micro deficiencies are inviting a major humanitarian crisis in the country.

Poverty in Pakistan

The majority of the population of Pakistan is living below the poverty line. It is one of the major issues faced by the Pakistani people. Moreover, during this time of coronavirus pandemic, more people are suffering from poverty as their means of livelihood are vanished.

Social Evils in Pakistan

Pakistan has been undergoing the following social evils,

  • Cartels
  • Drug Mafias
  • Shady Businesses
  • Smuggling Mafias
  • Terrorist Organizations
  • Massive Financial Loopholes

These all social evils need to be eradicated as soon as possible as they have put Pakistan in the grey area with a very fragile economy.

Health Sector in Pakistan

Public hospitals are exhibiting a sight of extreme human misery and we cannot help but accept the fact that we have to live with it. The prevailing bad condition of the public hospitals is itself creating a lot of health problems that should be taken notice of.

The health care system in Pakistan is miserably failing to fulfill its purposes and people’s needs.

Human Resource in Pakistan

The rate of unemployment in Pakistan is increasing day after day created a lot of the problems for the laborers to earn their livelihood. We have already discussed that our education system is unable to produce quality education and to generate skillful minds, and with the growing rate of unemployment, Pakistan has been facing major problems in fighting for the human resources. Not finding suitable employment, people tend towards wrongdoings or criminal activities that are indeed dangerous not for those people but the entire country as well.

Those who are serving in government sectors are unable to perform their duties according to the needs of the system. As a result, Pakistan ends in developing a fragile economy.

Weak Democracy in Pakistan

Weak democracy is also one of the major social issues faced by Pakistan ever since its inceptive. Pakistan has been working on the dictatorship that eventually leads to corruption, nepotism, lack of national consensus, and black market economy. This all is happening only because of the lack of democratic rights and weak democracy. People are unaware of their rights and those who are aware are very less in the quantity that cannot compete with these corrupt rulers.

Lack of Competitiveness

There is no wonder that Pakistan is legging when it comes to effective competitiveness across the globe. We are unable to produce quality industries both at the regional and international levels.

Other countries in the world are gearing up producing more and more industries that will produce useful and quality stuff, while our country is definitely lagging behind the rest of the countries not being able to produce such industries. As a result, our lack of competitiveness leads us to a devastating point.


So, these were some of the very common and rampant social issues of Pakistan. only on account of sheer determination and strong leadership, we can eradicate these social issues from our society. This is not something to be done alone, this is something to be done with cooperation and interest.

Social issues of Pakistan
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Social issues of Pakistan
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