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Social Media Used by Islamabad Police to Inform Citizens Regarding Daily Performance


Islamabad Police has begun to share its performance and activities on a daily basis by using social media platforms. This will enable citizens to stay informed about its actions, whilst people can give feedback through comments.

This vision will assist to increase the force’s popularity, whilst it will be boosting the trust citizens have in their police.

Recently a post notifies the citizens regarding a Summer School Camp, which was organized by the police.

At the Summer School Camp’s closing ceremony, the Inspector General of Islamabad Police stated that the Police force of Islamabad has begun the “First Salute then proceed decently for good repute”, the campaign – Phele Salam – Phir Kalam. This is a step taken regarding an approach of friendly policing, whilst being extensively appreciated by the citizens.

It also shared another post concerning the vision of “Pehly Salama Phir Kalam” which was initiated by the IGP of Islamabad, with the objective to change the disgraceful police culture.

In accordance with the IGP’s vision and based on the directions of Mr. Irfan Tariq, SSP Logistics;

The Police Lines Headquarters officials were briefed by Mr. Shams Azhar, DSP Headquarters, to assure compliance to the “Pehly Salam Phir Kalam” message issued by the IGP.

The department also discloses its accomplishments of the day. In the recent past, it revealed its prompt action involving the land grabbers.

After a firing incident, the capital police took immediate action. Seven suspects were arrested and cases against them were registered. They also recovered heavy weaponry and ammunition at the site.

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