‘Societies that don’t encourage businesses, startups never progress,’ PM Imran Khan


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has stressed over the importance of business and startup during his speech here on Wednesday.

While speaking at an event organized by the National Incubation Startups, he laid emphasizes on the importance of business.

He said, “A startup is when people embark fearlessly on their ideas.”

He further declared it economical beneficial for the country as well. Moreover, he also said that those societies who do not appreciate startups have least chances of success.

Explaining the true meaning of business and startup, he said that it is the very dream of a person who wanted to succeed in his life. He went on saying that people should not lose hope while fulfilling their dreams.

He added that “Only God can give you respect or humiliation. Do whatever you want, you can bring about neither. All day long I hear people talking against me on TV. They can do nothing without the will of God.”

He said that while entering into politics, his sole purpose was to make the youth of the country enable enough to fulfill their dreams.

He ends up his speech giving the same message that society needs to change their point of view now. Things have changed. People have changed and now it is time to think about better opportunities.

He said that in order to make the economy of the country strong, we all should participate and encourage those who are interested in startups and businesses.

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