Aurat March meant

Some women show respect and understand what actually Aurat March meant to be


This year’s Aurat March has more to say than only fighting for rights. There were a lot of liberal women who have made a complete mess of the Aurat March. Holding posters showing “Apni Roti Khud bnao” “Dupata Pasand hy to Khud ly lo”, “Khana Khud Garam kro” and many more like this. I just want to question those women that what actually you were trying to portray? Like seriously it doesn’t make a sense to me about the Aurat March. Rather they were making fun of it.

However, there were women too who have completely understood the basic purpose of Aurat March. Here I have some of the women who have given quite a spicy response to those Liberal women so to say ‘Liberal Aunties’.

Well, in my opinion, the lady is absolutely right. Like there is no shame in serving your husband or respecting him. If degrading him will make you liberal or modern then it’s ok to stay the same.

She is right as well. It’s our duty to protect our houses and of course ourselves too.

And finally, this woman has given a shut up call to those liberal Aunties to whom holding dupata is a shame.

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