Sonam Bajwa appears to be a huge fan of Sajal Aly


Pakistani celebrities and their talents are appreciated not only in Pakistan but people from across the border are lauding our stars for their remarkable performances.

Sonam Bajwa appears to be a huge fan of Sajal Aly

Indian actress Sonam Bajwa is in awe of our most talented Sajal Aly. During a recent interview with the BBC Asian Network, the secret is being revealed.

Sajal Lay has her Bollywood debut as well. Her film with Sri Devi has garnered her a lot of fame and respect in India as well as Pakistan.

Sonam was questioned by Haroon Rashid

Sonam was questioned by Haroon Rashid about her comments on every of Sajal’s pictures on Instagram. In reply to this question, Sonam revealed that she has been a huge fan of the beautiful girl Sajal Aly.  She even expressed her love for her saying that he tries to follow her and wanted to be like her.

I’m the biggest, biggest fan of Sajal Aly

She said, “I’m the biggest, biggest fan of Sajal Aly. She is phenomenal and I feel so happy sharing that I’ve learnt so much from her, she’s extraordinary and I think you would agree. She’s the best actress and the finest actress of our times…I really look up to her. When I am, watching Sajal’s performance, it feels like there’s an acting session happening right there.”

Sajal’s drama serials

She further revealed that she has been watching both of Sajal’s drama serials, “Alif” and “Ye Dil Mera”. Moreover, she is also watching Ayeza and Humayun Saeed starrer “Mere Pass Tum Ho”.

She mentioned that “I’m watching Alif, Mere Pass Tum Ho, Ye Dil Mera. You’d be quite surprised to know but I live in Bombay and I mostly work in Punjab where it’s a small industry. We don’t have much to know or do there but I know all about what’s happening in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. I know all the names of the celebrities; I know everything. I have some really close Pakistani friends. I know Sajal and Rabia Butt personally as well. I religiously follow Pakistani dramas and I think they’re so amazing.”

Beauty queen Sajal Aly

On the other hand, our beauty queen Sajal Aly also poured love on Sonam for so much love and respect.

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