Sonu Nigam comment on Indian Media

Sonu Nigam’s recent comment on Indian Media is making rounds on internet


Sonu Nigam’s recent comment on Indian Media is making rounds on internet and everybody just can’t stop himself commenting on it.

Recently Sonu Nigam was spotted with some journalist. During the interview he has asked in quite a daunted manner to Indian media to behave sensible and be mature in their coverage as any misinformation can change the whole perceptive of any issue.

In terms of jingoism and love for IAF, we have seen several celebrities promoting the current scenario. Well, at one point supporting your country’s super powers is cool but if you are promoting war mongering then it is highly immature.

In this line, there were also some celebs that were condemning war strictly by standing out against it, among them was the renowned Indian Singer, Sonu Nigam.

Keeping in mind the saber-rattling and sensationalism of the Indian media, Sonu Nigam has slammed it for its immaturity. He has become a critic to his own countrymen and media. According to him Indians need to grow up.

He stated that “This is a very crucial time for our nation. I have always been against war. Let (Your opponent) take a short first. If you tease, they are going to tease you back.”
This is exactly what Pakistan has done to Indian Fighter jets. They have teased us and so in return we have teased them. So they have to suffer for it.

He further asserted that “A wise nation always behaves well and with class. All of the debates taking place on TV channels are set in an immature discourse. I believe that we, as Indians, really really need to grow up.”

Speaking about the vitality of a mature and sensible media, he added, “I also think we need a responsible media which we lack at this point.”

I am also going to share to you the YouTube video click of Sonu Nigam’s interview that is trending on social media now a days. Here is the clip, have a look at it,

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