Sony Reveals a Cutting-Edge Automobile You Can Operate with a PS5 Controller

Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) marks a collaboration between Sony and Honda, introducing their electric car brand named Afeela at CES in 2023. Recently, at another event, they demonstrated the vehicle’s capabilities by maneuvering it onto the stage using a PlayStation 5 controller.

In contrast to other companies primarily emphasizing the power and range of electric cars, Sony and Honda view the transition to electric vehicles as an opportunity to revolutionize the way we travel.

Established in September 2022, SHM combines Sony’s technological prowess with Honda’s mobility expertise, aspiring to evolve into a “Mobility Tech company.” Their produced cars are branded as Afeela.

Afeela, a prototype of a four-door sedan derived from Sony’s Vision S unveiled a few years ago, is equipped with various sensors and cameras to enhance the car’s understanding of its surroundings and aid the driver.

While SHM isn’t currently striving for full autonomy, they have implemented a smart system called AI Vision Transformer that offers driving assistance in diverse conditions.

Internally, the car is designed to minimize distractions, allowing passengers to indulge in entertainment such as watching shows, playing games, or listening to music while on the move.

Beyond being just a vehicle, it transforms into a dynamic entertainment space. At CES 2024, SHM provided updates, revealing collaborations with Epic Games to utilize data from the car’s sensors for creating an augmented reality (AR) map to enhance safety.

They are also partnering with Polyphony Digital to craft an experience that blurs the line between reality and virtual, akin to popular video games. Furthermore, a collaboration with Microsoft is underway to develop a personal assistant for Afeela. SHM is extending opportunities for developers to create applications and services for the car.

SHM envisions opening orders for the Afeela in 2025, with plans to deliver the first cars in the US by spring 2026. This development marks an exciting chapter in the realm of electric vehicles!

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