Sonya Hussain in Kahaniyaan

Sonya Hussain will again be showing off her jalwa in “Kahaniyaan”


Soon the fans of Sonya will be seeing her in the music video of ‘Kahaniyaan’ by Shani Haider.

Sonya Hussain

By performing the contemporary ballet dance, she will definitely make an increase in the list of her fans.

Her performance in the film ‘Azaadi’ has brought her enough fame and popularity to stand her among Pakistan’s best actresses. Moreover, the roles she played in “Aangan”, “Meri Guriya” and “Aisi hay Tanhai” are quite laudable. Now the music video is also gonna rock the floor.



Previously the versatile actress was also starred in Jawad Ahmad’s political music video titled ‘Ye Tera Na Mera’ which was released in 2018.

Ye Tera Na Mera

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Sonya Hussain Interview

In an interview, she has shared some details about the song, and also her experience of working on the project. She said, “Kahaniyaan is not your traditional love song. It has a unique pop touch to it and the lyrics very beautifully narrate the untold feelings which we never express. What makes this song unique is that it features a mix of contemporary and ballet dance forms. Something that has never been done before in Pakistan. Working on multiple projects and prepping for the music video was also very physically demanding but it was completely worth it.”

Sonya Hussain interview

The emerging actress also commented on the importance of supporting and building the music industry of Pakistan, “I would like to extend my support to the music industry of Pakistan which is why I have been a part of various music videos. I really hope to see more attention being given to the creation of original music in our country especially when the land is overflowing with talent. We as a nation need to give them enough limelight, only then can we create legends and only then can our budding musicians have the opportunity to flourish further.”

sonya hussain red dress

The song Kahaniyaan is both written and performed by Shani Haider. It is choreographed by Gohar Hayat and directed by Haris Qadeer.

sonya hussain smile

Here’s a clip just have a look at it,

Sonya Hussain is looking stunning, isn’t she? What’re your views about it?

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