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Stop Stereotyping Pakistan – John Abraham


Amidst the current tensions between Pakistan and India, celebrities from both countries were spotted commenting on the issues. Some insane voices just fueled the fire of war others just wished both the states to be at peace.

John Abraham, who is one of the best actors in India, has raised his voice against war and promote peace. While promoting his upcoming film “RAW” which basically stands for ‘Romeo Akbar Walter’ the Indian actor passed positive comments for Pakistan confidently. He asked Indians to stop stereotyping Pakistan. Rather than spreading fake news about Pakistan or war, people should promote peace.

He stated, “Indians are stereotyping the people of Pakistan and that’s probably the most dangerous sign. It shouldn’t happen. There has to be a war against terror, not against a country, a particular religion or between multiple religions.”

He further added that he is not that kind of a person to concern about the audience or do stuff like that to have TRP. “I am very clear in my outlook. I will probably get picked on, but I am not going to sit on the fence and say nahi yaar, yeh audience ko acha lagega, yeh bura lagega (The audience will like this and they will not like this)”.

The film revolves round a patriotic story as the name suggests. The release of the film was being planned last year, not knowing the situation that is going around at present times. “We don’t want to sound like opportunists in the current situation. The producers had planned almost a year ago that they will be releasing the film around this time”.
However, the film is releasing at quite a relevant time.


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