Story of Qpro's Logo Design Contest

Story of Qpro’s Logo Design Contest


Story of Qpro's Logo Design Contest

The world market is swiftly aggravating towards commodity culture, where slogans like ‘what you like to see, sells’ as the anthem of the world market; hyper contextual images, idiosyncratic logo’s, eye-catching advertisements has saturated the global market. This has exacerbated the stats of trends evolving swiftly within the market and has heightened the competition in the world market. Logos designs play a vital role in representing a certain brand image of a company or a startup that allows it to stand-out from the cluster and is true to the ideology and mission of the brand.

Pakistan’s Graphic Designing Industry

Since we are clear on the importance of logo-designs, in this article we shall take a dive into the waters of Pakistan’s logo industry by sifting through the stats that came to surface in a logo design competition entertained by Qpro by name of ‘Idea Logo Ka’. Qpro is a platform comprised of a rich community of freelancers, designers, digital marketers, coders/tech-developers and content-writers/bloggers that offers creative growth opportunities to promote talent in Pakistan. The platform envisions an empowering community of individual and collective enterprise on the whole in to cultivate enterprising  possibilities catered for unique skill-sets to boost the career pathways.

The aim for conducting the competition was to determine the reasons why Pakistan’s graphic design industry which comprises of a 9% of the world’s freelancers, generating an annual revenue worth one billion dollars is lagging behind? Whereas its neighborhood country which has amassed 24% of the graphic designing industry  generates a total revenue of 400 billion dollars per annum. Whilst still juggling with the statistics, one more striking factor to chew on is the fact that almost 40% of the freelance community in Pakistan is comprised of graphic designers.

Now let’s wrap our heads around that for a bit, because ipso facto the staggering difference in the stats poses an intriguing dilemma. It provided all the more reason to conduct the contest to get to the root of the issue in order to come up with a plausible explanation.

‘Idea Logo Ka’

Qpro with all the valor, vision and utmost curiosity conducted the graphic designing contest by the name of ‘Idea Logo Ka’. The competition was conducted on a national level. The registrations started from 25th of September, 2019 and closed by 7th October, 2019. So an ample amount of time was given to resonate the call to participate in the contest of creative guts. The deadline for the submission was 11th of October, 2019. The judges appointed to evaluate the results were seasoned professionals and leaders from the graphic designing industry.

The target audience regarded the respective exclusive factors like age group, demography and skill-set for the contest. It was breath of optimistic wave as it was discovered that the contestant who had registered were of age-group from 18yrs to 38 yrs, the contest was able to accumulate a wider  national demography from which 40% was from Lahore; thirdly, the data demonstrated that 68% of the applicants were professionals in their respective field of graphic designing whereas 11% were beginners and the rest 21% were fresh candidates.

Who walked the walk?

A lot of hype caught up and a display of  determination came to surface, as an alarming number of 770+ contestants swarmed in and registered to partake in the contest. Turns out, an incredible performance of ‘U-turns’ came to forefront. Anticipation paled into grim surprise.

They say actions speak louder than words. So the statistics did the talking. Just imagine an angry driver escalating from 60 km per hour to straight up racketeering into the blue at speed of 220 km per hr. That’s how the statistics dawned on the team. A good number of  350 applicants were turned down due to inadmissible or no portfolios. A certain number from the 350 applicant lacked know-how with regards to portfolio. The nightmare doesn’t end here, Qpro’s team made three consecutive follow-ups upon the applicants and it turns out only 200 final submissions were delivered.

The Plot Thickens

Keeping the aspirations intact, the judges took on their role to evaluate the logo designs handed over by the applicants. The stakes took a toll on the judges as they reviewed the craftsmanship of the candidates who had thus made so far.

A second phase of nightmare had been dawned. The purpose of creativity had taken a dive into the pool of copy-paste tradition added with a dash of formal tweaks and a smirk of  chivalry stood out as a cherry on top. It was sad to find out that 70 percent of the logo designs were copied. A sheer ray of disappointed filled the space and the only redemption that was mustered reflected through the authentic works submitted by the remaining 5% of the candidates.

Light at the end of the tunnel

It come off a relief to have found out great potential reflected in the works of these creative minded applicants. The logo designs reflected a dynamic display of command and vibrancy. The artistry demonstrated the in-depth understanding and novelty of the creation. Maaz Afzal who is a professional graphic designer, championed the contest winning a cash prize of 15000 rs/-. He was also granted the opportunity to demonstrate his portfolio and was provide platform by Qpro to share his knowledge and skills with the world.

Qpro shares the best works with the world on its website:

Stats speak louder than ever! What do they tell?

No doubt the statistics has tainted the rosy colored anticipation, and instead had glossed a very murky reality. It’s is easy to say that the statistics show a very non-serious attitude ipso facto. But best way to understand this situation is through a compassionate lens. We have to admit that even taking the initial steps to decide and to register into a competition requires a courage. So what does this say about those who have dropped, either they lost the confidence or didn’t feel their skill to be up to mark. We can also assert that given the lack of  exposure and less opportunities like these people face a certain doubt and fear to step into the arena where stake are high.

There is a dire need to increase such activities so they are aware of the stakes and not only that it is equally more important to recognize and cherish the giants and stars of the pertinent fields and provide then platforms so that people take inspiration from those who mastered excellence in their respective domains. Such activities set precedent to lead, to dream, to learn from to aspire to create and participate.

Qpro’s Visionary Mission

Qpro within a short span of time has proved to be a promising platform in the long run. It has created a striking community of dreams, talent and innovation by bringing together the futurists coders and developers, refined content-writers and bloggers and entrepreneurial mindset who are determined to make breakthroughs in the future.

In order to keep pace with the dynamic and evolving world, Qpr entertains workshops and seminars to provide exposure and introduces leaders from the top notch industries to harness enlighten the interested dreamers. These workshops are of diverse nature and cater to the need of the evolving fields in the world like digital marketer, influencers, tech-developers and the sort to bring out the dreamer within.

The meet-ups that are entertained by Qpro fuels the spark of friendly knowledge sharing, trust build safe space where the individual with the collective environment feels enlightened. These meet-up provides a much need exposure to learn and harness the skill to the fullest potential. Qpro has long way to go in paving the future of possibilities and ripe prospects.

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