Strategic Collaborations: SAPM Malik Secures Agreements to Create Employment Opportunities for Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia

During a recent visit led by Jawad Sohrab Malik, who advises the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia made official agreements.

This collaboration involves important Saudi companies like Al-Bawani Holdings and NESMA Group, which work in different areas of trade and industry.

The main goal of this partnership is to create more job opportunities for Pakistani professionals by sending them to work in Saudi Arabia.

By working closely with key companies in Saudi Arabia, such as Al-Bawani Holdings and NESMA Group, Pakistan hopes to strengthen its position in various industries, helping both countries’ economies grow.

The visit shows a strong effort to build a solid foundation for better cooperation and teamwork in the field of job relations. By building stronger connections, both countries expect to grow and develop together in terms of jobs, leading to more collaboration in different areas.

This visit is an important step in building a closer relationship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, especially in the areas of jobs and economic cooperation, offering the potential for long-lasting benefits and shared success.

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