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Street Biryani, a desi food center for all desi lovers out there. Located at F-7 Markaz, in Islamabad, Street Biryani caters the needs of all biryani lovers.


This spot is famous among the foodies as it is offering

  • Decent Interior
  • Mouth-watering Food
  • Perfect Biryani flavors
  • Amazing Ambience
  • Economical
  • Serene Environment

Interior & Ambience

The first thing which will catch your attention towards this spot is its modernist exterior. They have designed the building of their spot quite artistically. The front look of the restaurant will reflect bright green, blue and mustard shades.

Inside the restaurant, the wall painting is another subject to discuss. It looks so mesmerizing. Moreover, the walls of the restaurant read the line “Bas Khatay Jao” which gives it a unique touch.

However, you won’t find any proper parking space, therefore, you may encounter a little trouble. The reason is that there are many restaurants in the same line and no one is having specific or proper parking options.

Lack of space

You will only discover 4 tables being placed inside the spot. While two tables have been arranged outdoor. So, you have to wait for almost 10-15 minutes if all tables have been reserved by the visitors.

Albeit this spot is not having ample spacing area to cater its visitors, however, it would always be the only spot which can offer a delicious biryani in Islamabad. Despite low spacing, this restaurant has managed to win the hearts of all the biryani lovers.


So, what they have on their menu?

They are having a limited menu which ranges between Snacks, starters, main course, and drinks. However, their signature dish biryani will serve you a variety.

They have three kinds of biryani on their menu i.e.

  • Beef Biryani
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Mutton Biryani

This eatery is quite economical as well. You can grab your full meal at the cost of Rs800-900 per person only.


It is located at Bhitai road, F-& Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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