Surkh Chandani Episode 3 & 4 Review

Surkh Chandani Episode 3 & 4 Review


This newly begin drama serial is making its base quite strong after introducing the heart whelming story of a girl who is going to suffer a lot just because she has said no to a person.

Surkh Chandani is being appreciated by the audience. The role of Sohai Ali Abro and Usman Khalid Butt are quite remarkable. While we cannot deny the brilliant villain performance by Asad Siddiqui as Jawad.

Surkh Chandani is artistically dealing with a very critical societal issue. The sufferings and victims of acid attacks.

So, what we have witnessed during these two mega episodes? Here is a complete review of the 3 and 4 episodes.

With the very start of the episode, we as the audience have witnessed the beauty of Ayda as being a bride. She is stunningly looking fabulous. She along with her bhabhi are ready to go back to their house when her bhabhi spotted Jawad who was covering his face with a veil. She smells something fishy in his intensions. Shumaila is fearing of Jawad that he might harm her sister-in-law.

The moment Ayda stepped in her car and sit, Jawad came riding a bike and very quickly throws acid on her face. The poor girl as just crying and shouting inside the car. Shumaila is so worried to see her in this condition. She never knew Jawad could do something like this to Ayda. However, what’s done cannot be undone.


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” بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ ” We begin in the name of Allah The Almighty! #NextLevelEntertainment & #SixSigmaPlus proudly present the much awaited first look of our forth coming serial ‘Surkh Chandni’. We are thankful to Allah for giving us this opportunity to contribute towards a change that must be put into play. The time has come. Inspired by true events, Asma Nabeel has written a story of true grit and courage of an acid attack survivor. And teaming up with Asma after ‘Khuda Mera Bhi Hai’ Shahid Shafaat, delicately translates the heart and soul of this story onto the screen. We are just so very proud of you Shaddi bhai. ‘Surkh Chandni’ is our labour of love. It was an uphill task and sometimes emotionally painful especially for the actors to delve deep into a dark place within themselves to deliver such soul bearing performances. Take a bow Sohai Ali Abro, Osman Khalid Butt, Mansha Pasha, Asad Siddiqui, Hassan Ahmed, Huma Nawab, Rashid Farooqui, Lubna Aslam & Saleem Mairaj. You have all embodied characters that will transcend from screen into people’s heart, helping create an impact where people realise. Realise enough to want to bring about a change. A change for working towards putting an end to this heinous crime. Help towards preventing such easy access to a substance as destructive as acid. #StopAcidAttacks #ASurvivorsJourney #SurvivorNotVictim Watch #SurkhChandani coming soon only on #ARYDigital #SaminaHumayunSaeed #SanaShahnawaz #NextLevelEntertainment #SixSigmaPlus

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She was taken to the hospital. Amaan and his mother reached to see her. At first place, after doctors have operated her, she was behaving quite bravely but later on, she demanded to see her face in the mirror. And as an audience, was so grief struck to see that emotional scene when she saw her damaged face in the mirror. She loses all her faith and hopes, she is heartbroken. She cried bitterly over this mishap.

After seeing her face in the mirror she asked Amaan to go away as she is no match for him now. However, Amaan tries to console poor Ayda stating that he doesn’t love her because of her face. His soul is connected to her soul. He will always love her the same way he used to be.
Amaan’s mother and her khala also supported Amaan’s stance.


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June 19,2017. It was the blessed month of Ramazan when I met #MasarratMisbah apa along with these courageous acid attack survivors. Each story pinched me and I still remember that after hearing all those stories it became difficult for me to sleep. The stories were haunting. They were soul jolting. And after hearing all that I kept on thinking what can be done. How can I do something that might be of some help. And then Allah gave me the courage to pen down #SurkhChandani and exactly two years of hard work of all the people who are associated with this project. And I am feeling so blessed that today the reveal day of first look of #SC May 29, 2019… it’s the month of Ramazan again. May Allah protect all the girls and give more and more courage to the ones who have survived. May we bring some change. A first step that I took two years back may end up in paving the way for some positive steps towards the change. #writer #comingsoon #arydigital #powerofpen #story #saynotoacid #stopacidselling #depilexsmileagainfoundation #change #accept #love #acidattack #survivors #courage #lawandorder #cases #justice @sanashahnawaz @saminahumayunsaeed @saeedhumayun @sohaialiabroofficial @aclockworkobi @hasanahmedofficial @manshapasha @asadsidofficial @masarratmisbah

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On the other hand, the selfish and mean Jawad is celebrating his victory with his friend. He shamelessly admitted to him that he is very happy now. Ayda is no more for him now. He deserves a better girl than her. And that he is feeling very relaxed and happy over her miseries and pain. He has taken his revenge and could live happily.
He also takes Shumaila on his side even after this terrible incident. And Shumaila, with the greed of expensive items, just follow his cunning and mean strategies. She is not sorry for the poor girl. After all, she is no one else than her own sister-in-law. As an audience, we are shocked how Shumaila could help the man who has destroyed the life of her sister-in-law.
Well, we are deeply sorry for Ayda. Our sympathies are with Ayda and Amaan. Let see what the next episodes hold in store for us.

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