Surkh Chandni Episode 17 & 18 Review


ARY Digital’s leading drama serial “Surkh Chandni” is a story of an acid attack victim Aida. Both Aida and Amaan are trying to face the harsh and stark realities of life. However, the people living around them are not letting them live their life peacefully.

This week’s episode features the complex lives of almost all the characters presented in the play. Whether its Aida, Amaan, Shumaila, Jawad or Mukhtar. Shumaila is actually playing tricks with the live of both Jawad and her husband Mukhtar.

Following the advice of her friend Rukya, Shumaila is using Jawad’s money to fulfill her own pursuits and makes her dreams of getting rich true.

Meanwhile, we have Mukhtar, who has ruined his own life after following his Wife’s cunning means to attain power and money. He doesn’t even think of his family for a single moment. At last, it seemed that soon he will bear the brunt of his wrong doings and so does Jawad.

Aida has left the house of her husband after she saw him in the hospital laying helplessly on the hospital bed. She decided to leave the house as she doesn’t want to cause more problems for Amaan. On the other hand, Amaan is quite angered on Aida for leaving him and his house.

He has lost all the hopes and faith. However, later on, his mother tried to explain to him that she would do the same what Aida has done. He once again went to see Aida.

Rehana madam who is running an NGO for the welfare of the acid attacks victim girls helped Aida a lot. She took her to the NGO and asked her that she can live easily at this spot. She directs Sumaira, another acid attack victim, to take care of her.

Amaan reached at the NGO to search for Aida where he has been told that Rehana Madam is currently out of station so he left disappointed.

On the other hand, Jawad’s mother is not happy with Jawad’s decision of marrying Shumaila. She doesn’t like her as she thought that she is only looting Jawad and would never marry him. However, Jawad is not getting his mother’s words. But he is upset as well.

The next day, Amaan once against visited NGO to trace Aida. Luckily he met Rehana. However, before she could tell anything about Aida to him, she is being called by Aida who requested her not to talk to him regarding her. She agreed not to tell Amaan that Aida is living here.

Later on, she asked Aida why she has forced her to do. And Aida told her the entire story. She said people will not let Amaan live his life unless she is with him.

The entire episode was full of emotional scenes. Particularly for Amaan. The moment he read Aida’s letter was very intense. We can only hope good luck to Amaan for the next episode.

Here is the promo of episode 19 & 20,

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