Surkh Chandni Episode 19 & 20 Review


Surkh Chandni is getting universal attention as it deals with a universal concept i.e. “The life of an acid attack victim”. Sohai Ali Abro as Aida is fighting not only for herself but also for all those girls who experienced this tragedy in their life.

Through concrete details, it has been shown that sometimes there is no one out there to help you except you choose to help yourself first. The recent episode of Surkh Chandni is a kind of climax as well. Aida is mastering up courage to speak up against all the injustices she has gone through.

So, here I am going to discuss some key factors about the recently aired episodes of Surkh Chandni.

Strong Plot Development 

Unlike other episodes where we were only informed about the sufferings of the weaker characters including Aida, Amaan and his family, this week’s episode marks a strong plot development. A list of important incidents happened in this week. Let me start with some positive changes which take place in the life of Amaan.

Amaan & Aida

First of all, he was informed by his office staff that he is promoted to the next level owing to his hard work and brilliant office skills. He has shared his good news with his mother mentioned that he would be happier if he would find Aida.

Secondly, in the later part of episode 19, Aida got a lifetime lesson from her madam Rehana. She taught her that she would never live a happy life if she would keep fearing the world. It is necessary to stand out and speak for her own rights. There is a lesson as well. Aida took it to her heart and decided to fight for her rights. She decided to go back to Amaan because without his love she won’t make is possible for her.

The moment Amaan arrived at her NGO and received her was very emotional. The duo was simply looking perfect together.

Thirdly, Amaan was happy to hear that he is going to be a father. Everything seemed perfect for him. He has got his job, his love lady and then the pleasures of being a father.

Jawad & Shumaila

Apart from these two love birds, we have Jawad and Shumaila on the other hand. In one way or the other, both are using each other to fulfill their own pursuits. However, things are getting complex for Shumaila when Jawad handed over the divorce paper in her hands. He asked her that he is going to give him three months to get out of the bond of the wedlock with Mukhtar.

Shumaila discussed this with her friend Rukaya who advices her to break her weeding only if Jawad agrees to give his house to her. She asked Jawad to do so and he readily agreed to do so. But deep inside, he knew what he has to do. He is not going to do so. Rather he is planning something really evil.

On the other hand, Aida’s mother has seen them together. Their intimacy disturbed her so much that she has left the house. Moreover, she has heard Jawad saying to Shumaila that he would kill Mukhtar if she would be unsuccessful to sign divorce papers.

She went straight to her sister’s house and exposes all the evil plot of Shumaila and Jawad before Amaan and Aida. Hearing all this, Aida thought that now they have to play a master game out of mind instead of passion and anger.  Everybody agrees.

Next Episode Teaser

The teaser of the next episode has added more curiosity in our hearts as Mukhtar has come to know the real face of his wife. He is ready to fight with Aida. Jawad is perturbed and Shumaila keeps on making schemes to get rid of him.

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