common things 1992 and 2019 World Cup

Surprising common things between 1992 and 2019 World Cup


It is very interesting as well as shocking news that all the results of the played matches in WC 2019 by Pakistan are almost identical as we have seen in 1992 World Cup matches.  You will be surprised to know, Pakistan lost his first match against the West Indies in 1992 and in 2019 Pakistan lost his very first match against the same team.

The second interesting thing is that Pakistan won his second match in 1992 world cup series and same thing happened now in 2019 battle.

 Match Postponed due to Rain:

Now let’s move forward, in 1992 the third match postponed due to the heavy rain and 3rd match of 2019 cup was also postponed. Its indeed a co incidence. 

We lost 4th and 5th match of 1992 world cup:

Almost 27 years ago, Pakistan lost 4th and 5th match respectively. Do you want to know what happened this time? Yes, this time again Pakistan lost its 4th and 5th match.

In 1992 Pakistan won its sixth match and some days ago we saw Pakistani team defeated South Africa with quite reasonable margin.

Man of the Match Once Again Left Handed Batsman

Another cool thing is, in a match that was played in 1992 there was a very talented batsman whose name was Amir Sohail was declared man of the match and he was a left handed batsman. He played a vital role in the victory of his team.

In a match against South Africa one Pakistani batsman Haris Sohail was declared man of the match and he is also a left handed batsman. This is also the identical fact we observer in 2019 world cup matches.

Now everyone is waiting for Wednesday match which will be played against the tough team New Zealand. Pakistani people are very clear in this point that we are getting the same results as we got in 1992 World Cup so we can hope to win the trophy this time.

If this is a good faith and then we should pray for same thing happen again in final match. Although we have a lot of weaknesses, we have not performed well, we were not prepared to compete against the world’s champion teams but let’s hope to see a better performance in upcoming and remaining matches.

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