Sushma Swaraj trolled by Pakistanis

Sushma Swaraj trolled by Pakistanis for her comment over ‘Hindu Girls’


According to the media reports, two Hindu girls were abducted allegedly on the Holi eve and were forced to embrace Islam.

Both Pakistan and India were in the war of words over the said issue. The alleged forced conversion of the Hindu Girls to Islam have set both the countries in a verbal war zone.
Pm Imran Khan seeks a thorough and detailed report of the incident asking to retrieve the girls.

However, Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Sawaraj couldn’t stop herself from commenting over the issue. She tends to seek a report of the incident from the High Commissioner in Pakistan

Fawad Chaudhry was quite enough to respond her immediately stating that this is Naya Pakistan where minorities are not subjugated to violence and oppression. He further stated that she should not interfere in the internal affairs of Pakistan. We are capable enough to protect the rights of our minorities.

People from Pakistan were surprised as well that how can they interfere in our personal matters.

A handful of people have tried to draw the attention of Sushma Sawaraj towards the terrorism and violence in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

This going on the verbal debate was further exaggerated with Sushma’s response.

As a consequence of her recent comment, she was further asked by the Pakistanis over certain issues.

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