Suzuki GSX 125 Vs. Yamaha YBR – A Comparison

After the prevailing economic bust and price hike saga has shattered the customer’s purchasing power, the bike industry is getting a new boost . Relentless jump in fuel and car prices left the consumer with no choice but to seek an alternative to embark on.

Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) recently launched Suzuki GSX 125, previously teased at Pakistan Auto Show PAPS 2022. A few months ago, the company announced to retire the famous GS 150 SE and replaced it with the newly launched GSX 125.

The new entrant in the Suzuki Bike lineup carries the capacity to compete in several bikes of the series, including Yamaha YBR125 and the Honda CB125F.

Here, we come up with a comparison of the Suzuki GSX and Yamaha YBR.


Suzuki GSX 125 is 1990mm long, 755mm wide, and 1075mm high with a 1270mm wheelbase. On the other hand, Yamaha YBR is 1975mm long, 745mm wide, and 1080mm high with a 1285mm wheelbase. Furthermore, the weight of Suzuki’s bike is 126kg while Yamaha YBR is 114kg.

Power & Engine

Suzuki GSX 125 is powered with a 124cc single-cylinder air-cooled petrol engine mated with a 5-speed constant-mesh transmission with the capacity to produce 10.45 horsepower (hp) and 9.2Nm torque. Yamaha 125 has a 124cc single-cylinder air-cooled petrol engine producing 10.7 horsepower and 10.4Nm of torque. Concerning power and weight, YBR has a slight edge over GSX 125.

Style and Designing

Both GSX 125 and Yamaha YBR come with a modern and sleek stance. Where brushed aluminum three-piece and handlebar give GSX 125 an aggressive and sporty look, the large exhaust and few sharp panels add more to its sportiness. 

Highlighting the side profiles, brushed aluminum footpeg braces, black and silver panels, and big exhaust makes it a sporty bike. Moreover, the tail of both two-wheelers is lifted, giving it a look of a street bike.


Price of YBR 125 and GSX 125 is Rs. 315000 and Rs. 331,000, respectively.

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