Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth


You’ll be visiting Sweet Tooth for enjoying the best of the desserts but have you ever tried ilaichi chai ice cream? Lol, how could you? Because Sweet Tooth is first time introducing you with this sweet dessert, and I bet you can’t resist.

Keeping in mind, the ongoing desi-fusion war over desserts in Lahore that includes first Gulab Jamun Chocolate Cheesecake introduced at Janoon Restaurant and then Kashmiri Chai Cheesecake by Scafe, Sweet Tooth has also introduced its best Ilaichi chai ice cream. Whoa. Chai within ice cream? Or ice cream withing Chai? Well, I don’t know how its flavor would sound but I will surely visit it to taste once.

chocolate burgers

The previously introduced chocolate burgers, chocolate gol gappy and chocolate pizzas are yet another invention of the spot. Have you tried these all? Anyway, at that time, our whole interest is on the ilaichi chai ice cream. I am already getting positive vibes about it.

sweet tooth entrence

The Sweet Tooth page reads, “Serving delicious Desi food, our Qaumfused menu-fusion food, which you cannot get anywhere else!” Umer Hussain, says his reason for introducing this new ice cream flavor is “to give Pakistan a taste of its local cuisine” while serving and wrapping it in quite a western way.

delicious Desi food

By adding a local cuisine in a western cuisine the delicious spot has made their menu quite “unique and presentable”. You can only get the new taste of this ilaichi chai ice cream at Sweet Tooth.

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