Switzerland Achieves Milestone with the World’s Lengthiest Passenger Train: 6,266 Feet Featuring 100 Coaches.

Switzerland made history by running the longest passenger train in the world to mark the 175th anniversary of its first train system. The special train, organized by Rhaetian Railway (RhB), traveled through the Swiss Alps from Preda to Bergen on the Bernina/Albula trail.

This extraordinary train was incredibly long, stretching 1.9 km and had a whopping 100 coaches. The event, carefully planned by RhB over eight months, covered a distance of 24.9 km through a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Despite its huge weight of 2990 tons, the train maintained a decent speed of 30-35 km per hour during its journey. On the first day, thousands of people gathered in the valley to witness this historic event. The journey started at 2:20 PM from Preda and reached the Landwasser Viaduct at exactly 3:30 PM.

Renato Fasciati, the Director of Rhaetian Railway, expressed great joy, describing it as a very happy moment for the team and expressing their delight at setting a world record. This amazing achievement highlighted Switzerland’s commitment to celebrating its rich railway history in a big way.

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