Syed Shabbar Zaidi appointed as FBR Chief

Syed Shabbar Zaidi appointed as FBR Chief


Islamabad: As soon as the removal of Jahanzeb Khan from the chief of FBR comes on Monday, the federal government has appointed Syed Shabbar Zaidi as the chairman of the Federal Board Revenue (FBR).

The news of the appointment of one of the renowned economists and tax affairs experts Syed Shabbar Zaidi was announced by the PM Imran Khan during a press conference with reporters and other media personnel.

As per the reports, PM Imran Khan was not satisfied with the performance of the former chief of FBR Jahanzeb Khan. Since his appointment, he was not doing well. The reports also revealed that PM Imran Khan has viewed him as a ‘mediocre person’ unable to perform his duties.

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