Weak Bones symptoms

Symptoms Which Can Weaken Your Bones


The well-being of our bone health is something that is generally overlooked, which is unfavorable to the general population. Fractures (broken bones) can be fatal to the elderly population and for the younger ones, awfully painful. 

In the report of the Surgeon General on Osteoporosis and Bone Health, it is stated that one in five individuals who suffered a hip fracture will die within a year after their injury. Furthermore, one in every three adults who previously lived an independent life before such a hip fracture will remain in a nursing facility for approximately one year after the injury. In both cases, this is an unpleasant occurrence.

To build stable and strong bones is a project for life and can be seen as a lifelong investment. The best is to start since childhood, although the second best is to start now. A variety of articles are available on how to take care of and strengthen your bones. 

Nowadays it is common knowledge that you will need a high Vitamin D and calcium consumption. Together with this, you should do weight-bearing exercises on a regular basis. However, data about the prevention of resorption and bone degradation is not so readily available. 

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Medication to be aware of

 It has been proved that Bisphosphonates speed up osteoporosis and cause bone resorption. Experts advised that it should not be taken for a longer period than five years continuously; if not you take a risk to burn out your skeleton.

 How bad steroids are for you can never be emphasized enough, whether you have conditions like inflammation, asthma or skin conditions. To use it for illegitimate reasons cannot even be debated as it plays a large part in wasting bone. Furthermore, it is acknowledged as the leading source of secondary osteoporosis.

 Prevacid and Prilosec, which are proton pump inhibitors, have been associated with an increased probability of fractures. These inhibitors are used for ailments of the stomach.

 Furthermore, it is of great importance to be aware if you have any hormone imbalances. Menopause is a large risk aspect in women for osteoporosis, as Estrogen is protecting your bones.

Decreased testosterone (hypogonadism) in men can also lead to osteoporosis. Many times there is not much we can do to prevent these occurrences. However, hormone replacement therapy can be looked at as an option. However, in the same sense, the removal of one or both ovaries in women can be a sure way to destroy your bones. Estrogen is produced by the ovaries.

 Go outdoors and get some sunlight which is essential for the production of vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for the absorption of calcium and therefore, functional and healthy bones.

If you strive to have healthier bones, abstain from drinking soft drinks. It was a known fact that it causes damage to your skeleton. However, it is the phosphoric acid found in sodas and not the carbonation which is harmful, especially in coke.

 Finally, a sedentary lifestyle will do nothing to maintain your bone health. Besides the fact that obesity is bad for your knees, the lack of exercise won’t invigorate your bones to renew and grow themselves. Therefore, weight-bearing exercises are crucial, only twenty minutes of walking on a daily basis can assist in the prevention of osteoporosis.

 Besides the fact that your skeleton is crucial for mobility, it serves as protection for your main life-sustaining organs. The lack of care and awareness are the two main reasons why osteoporosis as well as other bone problems, is a major issue worldwide. Your bones need your affection and attention, for without them you will be a sitting duck!

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