Tapas Fusion Bar

Tapas Fusion Bar

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Located at the very heart of DHA, Topaz Fusion Bar attracts the visitor’s attention through its unique interior and menu. It is a small restaurant.


Before visiting this restaurant you must keep in mind the following,

  • Economical
  • Amazing Ambience
  • Great Taste
  • Quality Food
  • Unique Concept

First of all, let me give you a little information about the name of the restaurant. It has been derived from the Spanish word ‘Tapas’ which means ‘A Spanish appetizer or Snack’.

Interior & Ambience

It is a double-storey restaurant. Having a Spanish theme, this eatery has won the hearts of almost all the foodies who have visited this spot.

You’ll witness a comfortable and cozy sitting at this spot. No noise or rush could be experienced after visiting this restaurant.

The addition of some smoky walls, mirrors which have been modified to the earth globe. Classy chairs and table make it quite different than the rest.


So, what’s in the Menu?

Their menu has a variety of cuisines, just like what its name suggested, ‘Fusion’.  The menu is quite different than its opponents. What else you need when you can get a super lunch or dinner with economical pricing?


Summer Delight

Chocolate Mint

Chin Chin

Trifle Shoots

Apart from offering a full fledge meal, they are best in serving snacks as well.


It is located at 232 Y Street 10, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Pakistan.

Well, I would highly recommend you to visit this place with your friends and family. You will surely enjoy an awesome time.

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