tariq aziz death date

Tariq Aziz Death in 17 June 2020


Tariq Aziz’s death news is a sudden big loss for all of us. He was suffering from disease and admitted in a private hospital. But he could not be succeeded to beat his disease. He Was 84 years old and most of his professional life is related with PTV channel.

On radio Pakistan, Tariq Aziz was the famous voice which people used to listen. He had ability to speak on any topic even without preparation. That’s a God gifted quality for a person who is on television or I media industry.

Mutansar Hussain Tarar called him as biggest star of PTV. He had proved his talent and skill in the fields of poetry, acting, politics and hosting the shows. Mustansir Hussain phoned Tariq Aziz but he was feeling depressed. It seemed Tariq Aziz knew he was having difficulty to survive. Mr. Tarar wanted to visit him but due to corona conditions he could not do so.

Tariq Aziz Last words before Death

In his last and cryptic tweet from yesterday evening, Aziz wrote, “Lagta hai waqt tham gaya hai. Rawan dawan zindagi ruk gae hai. Kayi dinon se bistar per laitay laitay soch raha hun ke azaadana harkat bhi Maalik ki kitni bari naimat thi. ( he was feeling bad and helpless in that condition. He realized that moving freely is one of the great blessings from Allah, he was feeling like the clock of life is not working and the colorful like became colorless and fade. He was laying on bed and could not stand and walk as he was previously. The dead of Tariq Aziz is really big tragedy for all of us who love art.)

To cover up the loss may be we would need a lot of time because such talented persons never come again and again. Same feelings or voice we heard when another famous compare and TV host Dildar Hussain Bhatti died.

Tariq Aziz Death Date

Tariq Aziz is no more in this world. We let you know that Tariq Aziz after spending the 84 years of life passed away on Wednesday 17th June, 2020.

Tariq Aziz God Gifted Talent At the time of Death:

So, he was looking very sad but one thing to note is that his senses were working absolutely perfect. Tariq Aziz Last Tweets: He then added, “Najaane puraana waqt kab laut ke aaega abhi tou koi umeed nazar nahi aarahi”

Means to say he was speaking to his fans in a perfectly poetic way. He was missing the old days of life when he was complete healthy and fit. Our chief minister of Punjab Mr. Buzdaar also paid him tribute by adding the words, he was indeed a big star and he gave a new life to PTV and quiz shows.

Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi’s Tribute to Tariq Aziz:

Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi said, Tariq Aziz introduced him on stage and guided like a father. Ataullah further said he was not only a successful actor but also a gentleman. Tariq Aziz spread lot of smiles through his famous tv show which is still in the hearts of people.

What is the birthplace of Tariq Aziz?

Tariq Aziz was born in 1936 and the place name was Jalandhar.

Tariq Aziz won the pride of performance Award in 1992. His political affiliation was with PML-N but in current years we heard him talking as a neutral guy. He was a man who had pain for this nation. He tried his best to promote the literature in Pakistan.

He was a guy who introduced quiz programs to bring the real talent from youth. In literacy programs his contribution is remarkable.

Families and Married Couples in his Show

He was a man who used to play different family games in his show for new married couples. A lot of companies were giving the prizes and sponsorships for his program. In radio Pakistan his voice is still considered as unique and melodious.

People say, if we give a boring topic to Tariq Aziz then he could turn into an interesting one with changing the subject matter. That’s obviously a quality of a real talent. Speech competitions were very popular on his shows. He invited young students from various colleges and universities of Pakistan.

Although in his last days of career we witnessed the shivering hands of Tariq Aziz but the interesting thing is his voice was still firm. He worked very hard to promote Pakistani culture in the world along with Pakistani literature. As we know according to Panuti Sujiman, Literature is an oral or written work that has several characteristics such as beauty, artistry, and originality in every part of the contents and expressions in it.

Tariq Aziz knew the importance of literature for a common Pakistani.

literature has the following functions in our Social Life cycle:

Functional recreation, namely literature can provide fun entertainment for the audience or readers without much fee.

The active function is that literature is able to direct or educate its readers because the values ​​of truth and goodness contained therein.

Aesthetic function or literature has the capacity to provide the beauty of the audience/readers because of the nature of its beauty. Tariq Aziz used to keep his audience spellbound with his magical voice and performance. His fist fil Insaniyyat also gained much popularity in its time.

The function of morality, namely literature is able to provide knowledge to readers / interested people so that they know good and bad morals, because good literature always contains high morals. We are in Pakistan and here we know the lack of moral values.

We need to learn moral values. Tariq Aziz promoted peace and educational programs because he knew our youth is involved in many unproductive works. That’s why our youth is needed to get involved in literary works.

Religious function, namely literature also presents works that contain religious teachings that can be emulated by connoisseurs / readers of literature. Yes, religion is very important and we all know that without religion we cannot have good moral values or any growth. We need to learn a lot from his life. Tariq Aziz is no more with us and Tariq Aziz death has affected a lot of artists.

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