Tariq Aziz Death

Tariq Aziz Death News – Legend Passes Away


Tariq Aziz Death is a great loss for Pakistani nation. He was a real legend in his field. PTV cannot fulfil the loss caused by death of Tariq Aziz. Indeed, the successful family show Neelam Ghar was due to the brilliant participation and performance of Tariq Aziz.

TV Anchor Tariq Aziz Passes Away

TV anchor Tariq Aziz passes away is a confirmed news because his son told the media. Tariq aziz death by corona is not confirmed yet. But he left millions of people in great sorrow. May his soul rest in peace. We would say the intellectual persons are always admired in the whole world.

Tariq Aziz Death Today

In Asia some of the Artists like Tariq Aziz are born to create history. Tariq Aziz has been the member of National Assembly for almost 3 years. And you can say it was between 1997 t0 1998. His record breaking family quiz show was first launched in 1974.

Tariq Aziz Neelam Ghar

The first show of Late Tariq Aziz was named as Neelam Ghar then later on due to some concerns its name was changed and it was known as Tariq Aziz Show. Then finally it was called as Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz

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