Tawaf comes to a halt at the Holy Kaaba


Khana Kaaba that is Muslims’ holiest sites, has been reported to be emptied amid coronavirus fears. Different social media platforms have shared the picture of Khana Kaaba that could be seen empty with 5-6 persons doing operations to sanitize the area from Coronavirus.

The Saudi Arabia authorities have emptied the Holy Kaaba on Thursday to sanitize it. Several videos and photos of the empty Kaaba are being circulated on the internet. This is indeed pathetic!

Mataf, a place where pilgrims used to perform ‘tawaf’ for Hajj and Umrah has been immediately cleared out. The area that we have always seen crowded with people is no less than an empty white place now.

Muslims have never ever imagined in their lives that it could happen in this world that the holiest operations like Hajj and Umrah will be stopped by the authorities out of fear from a virus. Seeing the empty pictures of the Holy Kaaba has shocked millions of the Muslims.

Earlier, the Saudi Interior Ministry has suspended the Umrah operations and stopped flights arriving from the coronavirus affected areas.

Meanwhile, Deputy Hajj Minister Abdulfattah Mashat has cleared that the people living in Saudi Arabia are not stopped from praying in Makkah or Madina. The authorities have only suspended the Umrah activities for now.

People cannot perform Umrah there but they can offer their prayers regularly. There are no restrictions on praying at Makkah or Madina.

He said, “Mecca is still open to visitors from across the kingdom. The decision suspends only Umrah activities.”

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