Tecno Launches World’s First Liquid Zoom Camera in Phantom X.

Tecno recently showed off three cool technologies at their Future Lens event in Shanghai, all set to make their upcoming Phantom X camera phones really awesome. One cool thing is their W-shaped adjustable aperture, inspired by cuttlefish eyes, which helps handle bright light like a pro. People are super curious about what kind of lenses Tecno will use with this unique aperture.

They also introduced a super cool feature – the first-ever liquid telephoto macro lens in a periscope module. Tecno uses special tech to make the lens switch between wide and close-up focus smoothly, letting you take really detailed pictures as close as 5cm. This liquid lens not only helps with close-up shots but also lets them use bigger sensors, making their phone cameras even better.

Tecno is doing things differently by not using ultra-wide cameras for close-ups, which can sometimes mess up the pictures. Instead, they’re using a periscope zoom with a longer focus length, promising clear and high-quality close-up images. And there’s more – Tecno’s Universal Tone technology, powered by smart tech, makes sure that the skin tones in your photos look just right, showing how Tecno is really working hard to make their cameras top-notch.

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