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Telenor Pakistan, also dubbed as Telenor 4G, owned by the Norwegian Telenor company. Telenor is a digital services & mobile data provider in Pakistan. Telenor internet package

The company was launched during 2005 and has its headquarters, known as 345 in Islamabad, which was built at the cost of $80 million.

Since it was launched it invested over $3.5 million within Pakistan, whilst it paid more than PKR 300-billion to Pakistan’s national exchequer in taxes, both direct and indirect.

Telenor internet package Coverage

This company covers over 80% of the population of Pakistan in both urban & rural areas. Its network consists of more than 11,000 cell sites, consisting of 80% 3G, whilst 70% are enabled with 4G.

Sales & Distribution

The distribution network of Telenor has more than 220,000 touch points throughout Pakistan, including sahulat ghars, franchises & retailers which offer GSM products as well as Easypaisa services.

However, during 2017, company-owned service centers & customer sales were transformed into Digital Customer Touch-Points which include IVR, Self Service Booths, social media & web customer services.

NGMS (Next Generation Mobile Services)

Telenor officially initiated the launching of LTE Advanced (4.5G) in Pakistan. The company achieved this by the accumulation of two LTE bands.

These bands are FDD-LTE Band 5  – 850 MHz & FDD-LTE Band 3 – 1800 MHz, of which a portion was reformed for LTE. Previously this was used on the GPRS/EDGE (2G) network.

The New LTE-A network of Telenor will first be available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

After internal testing and trials were conducted, VoLTE (Voice over LTE) was launched by Telenor Pakistan on 29th January 2019, which makes Telenor the first Pakistani network to launch VoLTE.

Pakistan’s Telenor VoLTE was developed internally, whilst it is based upon open source software.

The official rolling out of VoLTE, to the Infinity branded smartphones of Telenor took place on 4th June 2019, whilst the support to more smartphone manufacturers will be initiated soon.

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After acquiring Tameer Microfinance Bank Ltd’s majority of shares, Telenor established its branchless banking service called Easypaisa which was launched during October 2009, for mobile financial services.

However, Easypaisa was the first branchless banking distribution in Pakistan. At a later stage Mobile Wallet was initiated which allows Pakistani Telenor subscribers to open an account for their mobiles and doing transactions via their cell phones.

Easypaisa, is not only Pakistan’s first and biggest mobile mobile money service, but also, as per CGAP, the world’s third largest, whilst is catering for more than 18 million customers.

During October 2014, Easypaisa was introducing several kinds of accounts at various levels.

Digital Ecosystem

Telenor presents 4G enabled handsets in Pakistan, which include: Telenor Infinity E2, Telenor Infinity E3, & Telenor Infinity A2. Telenor also offers its subscribers branded mobile handsets: Apple, Motorola, Samsung. Additionally it offers 4G MiFi & 4G Wingle as well as 3G broadband devices like 3G Wingle.

Digital Customer TouchPoints were launched by Telenor organized as kiosks.

Digitizing Pakistan Via API’s: Thought Leadership Summit

On 25 July 2019, a thought leadership summit was hosted by Telenor Pakistan to digitize Pakistan via API’s. The event was held at the company’s 345 Campus.

In attendance was: industry experts, digital entities, government & semi-govt officials, startups, small & large businesses, retail and digital distribution partners, along with the top management of Telenor Pakistan.

The panel discussed the role which API’s can take on in enabling collaboration, transformation and open innovation at national level.

Examples were shared by the panelists of their experience in their particular industries, whilst discussing the part Telenor Pakistan can play to enable this interaction.

The API product portfolio & portal of Telenor Pakistan followed the discussion. Afterwards teams demonstrated the current available API & B2B offers.

APIs: Telenor Internet Package

API’s are observed as building blocks which are enabling the innovation which place the globe at our fingertips in this tech age.

Using devices or desktops, you will be able to purchase, pin, post, and picking anything from anywhere via API’s.

During 2017 Telenor Pakistan has launched the company’s API Gateway Project, that enabled it to present Telenor’s own developer portal. Ever since then, Telenor has cooperated closely with principal stakeholders, whilst continuing to assist in building & promoting a resilient API ecosystem within Pakistan.

Telenor Internet Package: Upgrade to 4G Speed

News and Events: 

Weekly Whatsapp Offer

As from 11 October 2019, at just Rs.2 inclusive of tax, you will receive 100 MBs on the Weekly Whatsapp Offer.

Activation Charges: Chappar Phaar Offer

Activation charges, from 9 October 2019, for the following regions including, Gilgit – Baltistan & Jammu & Kashmir will now be Rs 85 inclusive of tax for the Chappar Phaar Offer.

Activation Charges: 3 Day Mini-Budget Offer

As from 9 October 2019, activation charges in Kashmir & Azad Jammu, Chitral & Gilgit – Baltistan and Lower Dir and Upper Dir will now be Rs 52, inclusive of tax for the 3 Day Mini-Budget Offer.

For more detailed information about any Telenor internet package you can check the official portal of Telenor as well.

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