PUBG Game of Peace in China

Tencent Replaces PUBG Mobile with Game of Peace in China


Mobile Gaming has now reached a recognized level as different mobile platforms are more flawless than ever before. After the massive adaptation of android by most of the smartphone manufacturers, there was a revolution in mobile gaming as the Android platform was more user-friendly and as well as easy for the developers to understand.

Previous to this development, gaming was limited to PC or Gaming Consoles and there were only basic games on mobile phones with some basic features. Initially, the idea was difficult as to play a high graphics game on the phone was a challenge and developers were efficient with the performance of Android. If we think about mobile gaming then PUBG is one of the most popular games.

Initially, PUBG was launched for the PC but later Tencent came up with the mobile version and amazingly it became more popular than the previous version. Another great thing about this game is that PUBG also offered a mobile version for emulator to play on the PC which was another great feature as this emulator was flawless unlike other traditional emulators and was very light as compared to PUBG PC.  So emulator gave more push to the popularity of PUBG mobile. Millions of users are using PUBG globally and more than 70 million are just from China. This means that PUBG was earning more than enough from in-app purchases.

Recently China government banned PUBG from doing in-app purchases. In response to that Tencent came up with another version of PUBG by the name of ”Game of Peace” which according to them is more government-friendly. By doing this Tencent would easily be able to grab maximum in-app purchases. It’s not certain that how much the game design has been changed and how is the storyboard now as the PUBG mobile game design was everyone’s favorite and if Tencent is changing that, then maybe they will lose a big chunk of users.

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