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Tenerife Cafe

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Tenerife café is located on Jail Road and it is famous for offering a lot of variety in its food menu. As we already knew that Jail Road is not so famous in terms of eateries, so Tenerife café can prove to be a good dine in spot for many of you.menu card of tenerife cafe


You should visit this restaurant because it has

  • Huge variety
  • Excellent Ambience
  • Perfect Interior
  • Indoor & Outdoor Sitting
  • Discount especially for Students
  • Expensive

Interior & Ambience

I would rather appreciate the interior of tis restaurant. It is made out of some contemporary styles. Some wooden walls have surrounded the whole restaurant. You will also observe some antique and classic decoration pieces, so, it can be both classical and contemporary.

The restaurant has a comfortable sofa sitting. With sofa sitting, the place seemed to me a little congested, however, the management has managed to utilize it properly.

An outdoor (open-air) sitting is also available but it could only be enjoyed in the pleasant weather or due winters. During the summer season you’ll probbal7 avoid sitting under the open sky.


So, what’s in the Menu?

As I have mentioned above that Tenerife café has a huge variety of food items on its menu. So what we can enjoy visiting this spot includes Pizza, Beef dishes, Seafood, a variety of Pasta, different kinds of soups, crispy burgers, some scrumptious oriental cuisines. They have also a huge variety of desserts however, you won’t get more out of the drinks options.

Not only the food, but the presentation was excellent as well. The taste was average but the presentation has won the hearts.

Tenerife Café Lahore Location

It is located at 11 Jail Road, Main Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan.

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