Tezgam train driver reveals how train caught fire


The Tezgam train incident left the entire nation in a state of trauma and melancholy as several lives have been lost during the accident. The ill-fated train was enroute to Rawalpindi from Karachi.

According to the recent sources, the number of the deceased has reached 74 while several got sever injuries. The wounded ones have been shifted to the hospitals and inquiries have been made into the incident.

According to the recent sources, the driver of the Tezgam train Mohammad Siddiq revealed why the train caught fire.

On Thursday, he said that the bogies caught fire after a cylinder exploded in the train.

“The train bogies caught fire at 06:18 AM,” he declared

Due to the delay of the rescue teams, the number of casualties increased.

However, an eye witnessed of the Tezgam incident contradicted with the driver saying that it wasn’t the cylinder that blasts but the train caught fire owing to a short circuit.

The short circuit resulted from the ceiling fan which had not been repaired for the past four days.

Moreover, people on social media are criticizing the railway minister Sheikh Rasheed for not performing his duties well. They criticized the administration as there were no fire extinguishers in the carriages

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