The Chaaye Spot, Lahore

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With this growing interest in dining out in the public, different people are coming up with their own kind of café and restaurants.

The Chaaye Spot, Lahore

Apart from a heavy lunch or dinner, sometimes, people only wanted to grab a cup full of tea and it is exciting fir the tea lovers. Wherever they found the tea, they are going to stop by their side to have a cup of tea.

Here I am discussing a similar spot that offers the best tea options for the tea lovers. Though Lahore has a lot of tea spots, from most expensive to least expensive, “The Chaaye Spot” is the one famous for its tea.

It is famous not only for the tea but also for its hospitality and management. This place is best in providing rich coffee and tea flavors according to the requirements of the customers.

Like a dhabba

The place is designed like a dhabba where you can enjoy your food while feeling at ease and enjoying the company of your friends. The management and staff ensure that you are having a superb experience of this spot which will later force you to visit again.

Burgers, sandwiches, paratha rolls

Apart from tea and coffee, this eatery is offering fast food options as well. Their menu includes Burgers, sandwiches, paratha rolls, shawarmas, and many other items.

And for your surprise, the entire menu is quite cheap to fulfill your appetite with an as low budget as you want it to be.


It is located at 287-C Allied Bank Lahore 54000 PK, Opposite، PIA Main Boulevard, Block C Pia Housing Scheme, Lahore, Punjab 54770.

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