Career Sites in Pakistan

The Effectiveness of Career Sites in Pakistan


Keeping in view the current economic situation and high inflation rate we can say that unemployment is touching its peak which is directly affecting the youth of our country.  With reference to the concerned situation, an unemployed person falls into further distress and keeps on trying to apply for the jobs everywhere. Sometimes its walk-in interview and sometimes we drop our resumes only and the reality is that most of the times while dropping the resume it feels like we have dropped it in a mailbox which will never be opened to forward our package because the organizations have no jobs and number of graduates is increasing with time. But in the new world, technology is also playing its role to help those in distress in the form of job portals like and but are not able to resolve the issue. My question is what are these job portals really helpful for those seeking jobs desperately or just a marketing gimmick for the promotion of specific brands? There are two different case scenarios which I have created to measure the effectiveness of these career sites.

Number One, these sites are using their platform to place different jobs by company name and it gives an impression to the market that the company is hiring new positions, creating a hype that company is expanding. But in reality, they are hiring only a few as compared to the excessively posted positions. We can’t blame the career sites as they are just getting paid against the posted jobs without knowing what a company is doing.

Number Two, companies post their jobs through career sites to advertise properly but hire only those who are with strong references. The assumption here is that the job is posted only to give the impression that the recruitment process is followed properly.

Technology has resolved our many daily life issues in the past several decades and is still improving with time. In this case, it is also playing a vital role in informing everyone for thousands of jobs daily but is becoming ineffective because of using these platforms for the purposes other than it is made for.

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