The favorite football team in World Cup final.

This is how the game of football works, there are teams that make up a country, each team has their own nationality, national colors, and symbols. Every team represents its own unique style, and they play in different positions. Each position has a certain role, each player plays his roles differently. A very important part of games, players need to make decisions based on what they see in front of them. In our case we will focus more about our favorite football team which happens to be England’s one and only. Now, many people will disagree with me on this fact but for those who do believe me, I will explain why my choice would be the best.

The reason being, even though most of you have heard of the best soccer players around the world, you likely don’t know much about their history or their childhood backgrounds, and thus you may not know much about their journey as gamers. To me, those types of details matter the most because it makes you understand where these kids come from and gives insight into the lifestyle. Being able to learn something about where these kids came from allows us to understand their personality and even better our own journey as well! All of this is crucial since without having an understanding of where we came from, it doesn’t allow us to identify ourselves properly. And with that being said, let’s analyze England’s favorite sports team.

England is a country that consists mainly of English speaking natives. There is no other language or dialect spoken besides English. This means that English is the common base language, if you don’t speak it already then you’ll probably start learning it pretty quickly! What does this mean? Like any sport, you need strategy, teamwork, communication, goal setting, and a proper way to handle emotions. With knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can manage your environment and keep it fun. You also need to take advantage of any opportunities available and try new things out since nobody knows everything. If you’re like most people, you probably want to win, so how do you stay focused while competing? Many factors go into winning, such as mental strength, physical stamina, tactical thinking, etc. It does take time to develop all of these skills, but once you understand what matters, you’ll have a competitive mindset.

And now let’s talk about England’s favorite football team. In order to get a grasp of just what this team does, firstly, let’s think about their history. England was founded over 200 years ago as the United Kingdom under Queen Elizabeth I, after the death of King George VI. So, back in 1801, England had 2 separate monarchs. Since the early 1800s England had been ruled by Queen, William and Mary. After losing the war of Independence against France in 1763, England began a process of creating The Union (Britain), making it become known internationally and establishing itself as one nation. This made England the land I was born in and currently reside in, at least in part! As a matter of fact, England is actually the 3rd largest economy in Europe (behind Germany and Italy). And while that might be true, I would argue that England is our home base now. While other countries change cities and towns to accommodate the needs of population growth, England stays the same and continues to grow stronger and stronger. Because if I didn’t say anything else, there is no greater honor than winning a World Cup. It’s no surprise the title comes with this nickname, the Lionesses. Before we continue, I’d like to recommend reading “England’s History” by David Richards at Wikipedia since he explains every detail in a really neat way.

So now we have our story going on, let’s talk about England’s favorite sports team of 2014. On March 18 of 2014, everyone and anyone were freaking out when the news broke that England had won a baseball tournament in Brazil to end a 56 year-long drought for England baseball champions. Then the next morning, the BBC broadcast their coverage live. From 12:30 am, fans filled stadiums across the entire country, cheering wildly. By the time the match ended, 87,000 attended! At the time of writing, this is the fifth largest audience for a women’s professional sporting event outside of New York City with 8,000 tickets sold each day. And that crowd is probably bigger considering that women’s golf is a mere $50K per year on average according to “Sports Business Trends”. For perspective, men’s tournaments are typically about $300K per year, so the amount of money lost from this event isn’t even comparable to what a tennis or basketball championship would cost. Not to mention that at the 2012 Olympics, the attendance was 1,945, which is roughly equal to 40% of the total population of London. That’s right; less than 0.2% of the city of London, and yet England achieved a perfect score of 98.81% in hosting. Now, this wasn’t just some kind of a coincidence; this was premeditated by several key figures in the England national team; the captain of the squad was Alessia Russo-Tortorella. She became extremely successful in both soccer and tennis and her popularity grew exponentially as she did both for her country in a short amount of time. Her father, Alberto Tortorella, was well known in football circles from his work as manager of Tottenham Hotspurs U18s and manager of Juventus F.C., which means that he played a huge role in developing Russo-Tortorella’s passion for playing soccer. Unfortunately, Tortorella passed away from lung cancer in February 2015, leaving an empty void in the form of Russia’s national hero. However, she left behind her legacy of success, not only for her country but for the current generation that follows in her footsteps.

Now, onto an analysis of Russo-Tortorella’s influence, shall we? Firstly, Russo-Tortorella’s parents taught their daughter the value of working hard for what she wants. Their example showed that determination and work ethic are key to succeeding. When children are exposed to a positive attitude and encouragement, they tend to gravitate towards those goals, whether it be a goal of becoming a doctor or starting a business. Just like this quote says, “Work Harder, Do More, Live Longer, Enjoy Your Life.” Secondly, Russo-Tortorella helped inspire generations to follow her lead. Between 2008 and 2013, she established the Russian Women’s Soccer Association (RUSLY), which aimed to help girls become top athletes, while teaching the importance of persistence and perseverance because it will eventually turn into a career. Through RUSLY, thousands of young girls took to the streets and battled with others to represent their country to the world. Russo-Tortorella’s dedication and drive helped create her vision. She wanted to see all girls excel in their sports in a similar manner she had, hence why she started RUSLY. Lastly, Russo-Tortorella inspired Russo-Tortorella Foundation Youth Program, a program meant to increase participation among young females between 15-24. Even today, Russo-Tortorella’s legacy lives on through her former students. They use her teachings throughout college and high school to inspire younger generations to pursue their dreams. These values inspire millions to succeed and bring awareness to their talents, as evident by the record numbers of female athletes on record. Thus, Russo-Tortorella’s inspirational spirit can be traced to every person within the walls of Wembley Stadium from the stadium to the players. Her impact on the future of England’s soccer world cannot be ignored. No doubt, her name will resonate throughout the years to come.

So basically, we can conclude that in summary, the inspiration behind Russo-Tortorella’s inspiring legacy is that she wanted to see the whole nation succeed no matter what they do, whether it be a career at soccer, music, acting, modeling, or whatever it may be. Or maybe just maybe her life is just that inspirational. Either way, when it comes to sports, the truth is always told, “It takes tenacity to achieve great things”. And that’s exactly what Russo-Tortorella has done by living it to the fullest.

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