first Episode Suno Chanda season 2

The first Episode of ‘Suno Chanda’ revealed what we have actually missed about it


The characters’ kookiness just begun the way it was experienced in season 1. Both Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed have given their tremendous performance in the first episode of ‘Suno Chanda’ season 2. What we as viewers were missing is perhaps their fighting, like cats and dogs.  first Episode Suno Chanda

We can witness Arsal’s snoring that he is not going to stop and Jiya’s irritation over it. She decided to report his parents while Arsal is also no less. He is more inclined towards his in laws. He can possibly seek their sympathies.

She referred to Arsal’s snoring as “a tractor” while it was really hilarious when Arsal called her a “Jaahil”. These little couple fights are actually making this drama serial the most loved one among the audience and honestly, I am never going to miss even a single episode.

The battle between the duo goes on until Bi Jaan has decided to give them some eidi. But after hearing about eidi there is still another war over it.

Each character in ‘Suno Chanda’ has been portrayed quite uniquely and the bond the family possesses it such a dynamic one. This is the reason that this drama serial surpasses every other drama serial in terms of storyline and characters.

It is being directed by Ahson Tallish. Suno Chanda hum tv

Jamshed’s ‘Billo’ named ‘Pari’ has made an interesting development in the storyline. The wedding bells have insisted her to pay a visit to their house. Shahana invited her to attend the ceremony as her presence is very necessary for the family. However, Nazakat doesn’t like her coming into the house. She is already patient suffering from high blood pressure and it actually disturbed her.

Well, the entire episode has been an introduction to all the family members and ‘picture to abhi baqi hy mery dost’. There is still a lot of fun and melodrama awaits you.

Stay tuned for latest happenings and twists in the drama serial.

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