The first look of the film “Baaji” just unveiled


Saqib Malik, a quite famous name in the Pakistani industry, is gearing up for his big directorial debut. His first film titles, ‘Baaji’ has recently released the first look of it. The movie features versatile actress of our industry Meera ji and model cum actress Amna Ilyas.

The first poster of the film that is being released speaks off the beauty and glamour, the movie is basically based on. Both stars are looking absolutely regal and stunning. The tagline of the poster “Every Dream has a Price” is making the audience curious about what will going to happen in the movie. What it will be about and how the vents will unfold?
The film has got the release date that is June 28. On this day, the dazzling film ‘Baaji’ will hit theatres.

The film seems to be a social-drama-thriller that is highly set against the backdrop of how the existing system of Lollywood fades and the new system has taken place. The film is written by both Irfan Ahmed Urfi and Saqib Malik.

The film will be paying homage to classical cinemas of Pakistan, however, going through the latest trends to convey a deep social message. Along with Meera and Amna, the film will be casting Usman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Ali Saleem, Ali Kazmi, Nisho and Nayyar Ijaz.

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