The forensic report of Salahuddin confirms that he was tortured before death


Rahim Yar Khan: Earlier, the family of the viral ATM thief, Salahuddin Ayubi has demanded a new forensic report after denying the one submitted by the police officials. They want a detailed investigation into the death of their son.

On the request of his family, a fresh forensic report was being made. The new forensic report was released here on Tuesday which confirms that Salahuddin was tortured.

According to the report, “the deceased was beaten, especially on his right arm and the left side of his stomach that left severe bruising.”

Moreover, there was also coagulated blood in different parts of his body. However, police officials have completely denied the facts. According to police, he was shifted to the hospital after he experienced a severe cardiac arrest. Unfortunately he couldn’t survive it and died in the hospital.

It is important to note that Salahuddin was arrested when his video of stealing money from the ATM went viral on social media. He was arrested from Faisalabad.

However, almost a day after his arrest, he was informed dead while in police custody.

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