The health ministry lowers the cost of 20 medications

ISLAMABAD: The health ministry on Monday reduced the prices of 20 medicines, including those to treat cancer.

Patients should receive up to Rs75,000 in relief every month as a result of the Ministry of National Health Services’ (NHS) modification of the maximum retail price.

Lung cancer, breast cancer, HIV, blood coagulation, blood pressure, eye infections, bone illnesses, infertility in women, and fungal infections are among the medications on the list.

A document made accessible to Dawn states that the cost of 30 Tarceva 150mg tablets has been decreased by 30%. It can no longer be sold for more than Rs214,710.The cost of the drug, which is used to treat non-small cell lung cancer and pancreatic cancer, has been set at Rs172,320 for the 100mg version.

A 450mg Herceptin injection, used to treat certain breast, oesophageal, and stomach cancers, is now available for 30 percent less money at Rs199,741.

A maximum price of Rs116,165 has been established for a supply of 60 Valcyte tablets, which are used to treat CMV retinitis in AIDS patients.

The maximum cost of 28 tablets of the blood clot treatment and prevention drug Xarelto, as stated in the document, will be Rs4,810.

Likewise, 20 Co-Renitec tablets cannot be sold for more than Rs258. By expelling excess water and some electrolytes from the body, the medication lowers blood pressure.

Timoptol eye drops will cost Rs 184, while Clomid, a medication used to treat female infertility, will cost Rs 440.

A 3mg Aclasta injection, which is used to treat a number of bone ailments, cannot be sold for more than Rs27,514 while the cost of five Zofran injections has been set at Rs4,659. It is used to stop nausea and vomiting brought on by radiation therapy and chemotherapy for cancer.

Taxotere, a chemotherapy drug used to treat a variety of cancer types, has a per-injection cost of Rs11,429 in India.
Lamisil Cream, which is used to treat fungus infections, would have a maximum price of Rs262.

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