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The Kitchen – A place where your dreams come true


The Kitchen Sitting Area

The best eatery for someone, who loves food, dreams of food and want to have good food. Being a food lover, you have probably tried every spot but ended up having the same typical menu and aura. But let me introduce you to a place serving mouth-watering food.

The Kitchen new recipes

The Kitchen in Lahore

Located at 116-P Block, Gulberg II, M M Alam Road, Lahore, Pakistan, ‘The Kitchen’ was basically aimed to offer you quite a unique and enchanting culinary experience that you’ve witnessed nowhere before. If you are a selfie lover then you will definitely love to see your most beautiful selfie over your coffee mug. Yes! This café has created hype. The way they served coffee to their customers will entice you to visit the soot at least once as I am excited to go there to have my selfie over my coffee cup.

A homely place to witness an awesome dining experience. I have searched about it and read reviews people usually left for a specific restaurant. The café has inspired me well. Will definitely going to try their saucy Artisan pizza and Peek-a-boo.

The menu is quite bizarre from the rest and it sounds really good to enjoy something you have never tried before. Even food quality is no less. Fine ambiance with good quality food, what else you need?
Its lamb burger is a must try

Don’t ever forget to taste that delicious Tuscan Grilled Chicken Panini,

Not only the food and ambience but the interior is quite appealing. A good place for taking selfies and making memories with your loved ones.


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