The Land of Kuranda

Let’s Check Out The Land of Kuranda


Do you want to read about one of the most fascinated lands? Kuranda, the “rainforest town” is a unique place located in northern Queensland, Australia. The nearest major city is Cairns, which is about 25 km away.

Are You Fond of Natural Rainforest?

What makes Kuranda so unique is the fact that it is completely surrounded by natural rainforest. It is not even surrounded by a huge population. Numerous tunnels and bridges you would see there.

Chance to  See Skyrail Cableway

An alternative but at least as the exciting ride is the Skyrail Cableway, which runs from Smithfield at a leisurely pace to Kuranda. It passes the 545 meters high Red Peak and the breathtaking Barron Falls.

You Can Know The History

The settlement of Kuranda began in the late 19th century, 1915, the train was built, which initially served the removal of the mineral wealth, mainly tin, to the coastal towns.

In the 1960s and 70s, Kuranda gained as an alternative hippie center, especially among dropouts of celebrity. To this day, the relaxed view of life on the ground is noticeable, even though there has been a strong development in the tourism business in the meantime.

Kuranda has all the amenities you would expect as a tourist and invites you to get to know local culture in numerous cafes and on the regular markets. Here you will find the most beautiful souvenirs that are made locally and also encounters with the culture of the Aborigines are possible. Kuranda offers something for every traveler.

Worth Seeing Natural Beauty:

Many of the sights in Kuranda are closely linked to nature. Here you will come close to koalas, butterflies, kangaroos, and exotic birds.

Don’t Forget Army Ducks:

Fascinating are visits to the birdlife and the butterfly outdoor enclosure. A safari through the rainforest takes you to so-called Army Ducks, these are old military boats, which allow you to participate in the species richness of the flora and fauna in a unique way.

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