Abdul Qadir is Not Happy with PCB’S Decision

The legendary Leg spinner Abdul Qadir is Not Happy with PCB’S Decision for Australian Cricket Model


Abdul Qadir still believes that we don’t need to follow the Australian cricket model. Because he thinks that departmental cricket has produced many great players for Pakistani nation.

The legendary cricketer, has been featured in 67 test matches and also trained many leg spinners for club cricket and departmental level cricket.

We also can observer that these players have been picked up from departmental cricket structure.

  1. Hanif Muhammad
  2. Mushtaq Mohammad
  3. FAzal Mehmood
  4. Zaheer Abbas etc

He also added that Pakistan Cricket Board should end the Pakistan cup and Quaid-e-Azam Cup because no one bothers to pick up players from these two tournaments for big event matches.

Only PSL matches should not be the standard to pick up the final players.

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The logical statement:

The point is if Imran Khan has decided to change the cricket system and bring the Australian cricket system in Pakistan then he should explain all steps in details with senior cricketers so that each positive and negative aspect can be discussed before any damage in shape of departmental cricket occurs.

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