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The love story of Noori and Bhola get twisted with the entry of Sahir – Ranjha Ranjha Kar Di


Are you a weekly viewer of this trending drama serial “Ranjha Ranjha Kar Di”? If yes then you’ll probably be in love with Imran Ashraf as Bhola owing to his versatile acting skills. Well, on the surface level, the love story between Bhola and Noori is yet to start by both sides. However, Bhola is in deep love with love while Noori doesn’t love her as her husband but because he needs attention and care. So she nurtures him as a kid. She talks to him the way we talk to the children. She understands his sentiments and emotions as a friend.

Noori and Bhola love story

As we are already aware that things are going pretty great between the duo, however, there seems to be a sudden twist of the events as Sahir who was supposed to be in Dubai is working with Bhola’s Chacha, Nusrat Miyan.

“Ranjha Ranjha Kar Di” has proved to be a next level entertainment as the director is all set to make its audience wonder more, feel more by expressing apathy with the characters that how their lives are being unfolded with the passage of time.

Noori angry to bhola

We are yet not confirmed about Syed Jibran role as Sahir. We are confused about declaring him an anti-hero of the show. Well, we are getting out fingers crossed for the unveiling of his character. What he has to offer us.
The show is being penned by Faiza Iftikhar. The superb direction skills are offered by Kashif Nisar. Well, you guys are really doing good to entertain the audience at the utmost level.

Here I am giving you a quick review of the recently published episode of the drama serial. The recent episode has unfolded Nusrat Miyan’s evil intentions of getting fake medicine’s to Bhola so that he may not recover from his mental instability and be in that state forever and ever. With his dirty scheme and politics that he is playing with his bhabhi and Bhola will no longer exist as Noori will not make her Saas and husband suffer all this. It will sound a bit troublesome for her yet not impossible. She is all determined to do right for herself from now onwards.
The drama serial has got its interest more with the entry of Sahir. Will he destroy Noori’s life or will Nusrat will get something out of Noori’s life?

Sahir entry in ranjha ranjha kardi

The direction the drama serial is getting day by day is making our audience even more curious about the next happenings.
As for it is concerned with Bhola, the star of the show, we have positive vibes for his treatment. He’ll be cured by the attention and love that he is receiving from Noori. But yet another confusion about whether he will accept Noori after knowing about her past life reality when he will be cured?


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Noori is all the way happy to receive such affection and respect as she has never gained so much respect before. And perhaps that is the reason that she too is determined to fight for Bhola and act like a real tigress before those who are in the way of their happiness.
The promo of the next episode sets another very interesting planning of both Sahir and Nusrat. How they are going to execute their plan? What are their intensions now?

For all, there queries and details to vanish that suspense we first need to get ourselves fully updated with the drama serial every week on Saturday. Stay tuned for more updates.

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