The Momos Shack

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Among Lahore’s busy streets and famous eateries, don’t forget to try The Momos Shack.

The Momos Shack

It is worth noticing that the ‘Momo’ is the name of a dish that has been much loved in Lahore and across the country. This dish has travelled long to make people fall in love with its flavors.


The Momos Shack has a lot of reasons to attract its customers. For example, it has,

  • Fresh Environment
  • Delectable Food
  • Inviting Ambience
  • Perfect Exterior
  • Artistic Interior
  • Economical

Interior & Ambience

The Momos Shack has been receiving rave views from the audience because of its unique flavors and taste. This eatery has made its way to Lahore in its Defence Area.

This spot is just like an open air food center where you can enjoy your food getting after getting entertained from the outside weather.

The entire staff is quite cooperative and helping.


So what they have on their menu?

As I have mentioned above that is eatery is dealing with providing delicious Momos to its customers. Apart from Momos, the restaurant is also famous for offering freshly made noodles.

The noodles are available in both Chicken and Beef flavors. The spot is also offering mouth-watering soups during these winter days.

The management of the restaurant claimed to make food using healthy and fresh ingredients. The food is being prepared by following the hygienic means.

In my opinion, the joint is surely deserving of a visit to try out its Momos. The prices of the dishes are also economical. So, if you want to enjoy healthy food with a low budget then The Momos Shack is the option.


It is located at jamia masjid, B-block, near Askari-Xl, Askari 11 Sector B, Lahore, Punjab 54000.

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