The Pakistani Rupee’s 28-day winning streak against the US Dollar has ended.

The Pakistani Rupee had a remarkable 28-day winning streak against the US Dollar, but it recently stopped. This means that the Rupee’s value compared to the Dollar has gone down. It’s a big change in the money market because the Rupee had been getting stronger for a while.

Currency exchange rates can change because of different things, like how well the economy is doing, what’s happening in world trade, and political events. The exact change in rates depends on these factors and what people think about the market.

On Tuesday, the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) lost some value against the US Dollar. In the official bank market, 1 US Dollar could be purchased with PKR 277.03, which was a bit more than the previous day when it was PKR 276.83.

During the day, the Rupee’s worth went up and down in the bank market. The highest it was worth was 277.2 PKR, and the least was 275.75 PKR. This demonstrates the way that the value of money can change a lot in a single day. In the open market, where individuals and businesses exchange money, the Rupee remained essentially something similar. Businesses were buying 1 US Dollar for 274 PKR and selling it for 277 PKR.

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