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The Premature expiration of Rivoli in Lahore

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Rivoli in Lahore

We have been informed that Rivoli which had just opened up in Lahore’s DHA Y-Block commercial area is no more existing there.

Seeing a restaurant go is a rather awful state of affairs. People are still wondering what actually happened to the restaurant? What are the sudden causes that have made the restaurant to shut its doors for the customers?

Perhaps, it was the menu or the taste or quality of the food which have removed the spot form the eatery category. It is being reported that Rivoli has faced innumerable insults about its menu from people who have visited the junction.

It seemed that the menu just didn’t stick with people’s palette. It basically includes salads, starters, entrees, burgers and clubs sandwiches, dessert and drinks. Perhaps a lack of focus and proper management was missing which resulted in the removal of the restaurant.

However, there were also those happy customers who have praised the spot and its menu stating that the food was just unique and serving was nice. Visually pleasing, the dishes morphed into a sort of a novelty, with very fewer repeat customers. rivoli restaurant lahore menu

Alas! The restaurant wasn’t able to survive in the battle ground that is going on in Lahore’s dining scene in which you can’t survive without a strong customer base, so it’s likely RIVOLI will soon be forgotten.

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